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Posted on by Wisdom Harris

Many freelance stylists and beauticians turned salon owners do well when they create their own little establishment.

However, the fact of the matter is that their salon businesses can do much better if they invest some time and energy into the dynamics of the business.

Whether you are only considering starting your salon business or already have a well-established beauty services business, it is imperative that you keep up with current trends and also market your business, increasing its brand recognition within the immediate community as well as everywhere else your potential clients exists.

Here are a few pointers to help you boost your salon business:

Set Up a Referral Program

Give existing customers a chance to earn rewards, discounted or free services etc. for introducing their friends and family to your salon services. You can also advertise new customer discounts right outside your doorstep. These inexpensive yet powerful ideas will get new people in the door and increase sales.

Target a Larger Range Of Clients

Men, children, women and people of all ages need a haircut once in a while. Who are you catering to?

It is all well and good to offer specialized services, but why not help out stressed moms and dads relax as they can get a haircut along with the little ones. If you are worried about inconveniencing your regular clientele, why not dedicate just one day of the week to family haircuts, or mother-daughter mani-pedis?

Provide New Services/Products

Work with your local dietician and aesthetician and offer them a chance to set up shop in your salon for a few days. And ask for the same in return, so they can refer their clients to you as well. Or if working with other businesses seems too far-fetched an idea for a salon in its infancy, why not expand the range of products available to buy at your facilities? Conduct a market survey; ask your existing clients if they like organic skin care, indie make up, high-end foundations? And then make it available!

Identify Your Niche and Work On It

Identify Your NicheWhat inspired you to become a makeup artist or hair stylist? How did you envision yourself as an entrepreneur?

Did you aspire to cater to busy moms, create an organic, vegan product line, and offer beauty advisory services the world over, work on models for the runway?

Finding your niche, and working on it can make the difference between a runaway success and a dismal failure. Make the effort to figure out how your services can fill out an existing gap in the market and then do your best.

Here at Beya Salon Studios, we are always rooting for your success!

We have made it easier than ever to start a beauty salon business as an independent entrepreneur. Get started today!

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