Hairdressing Heroes – Our Favorite Experts in the Beauty Industry

Posted on by Wisdom Harris

Hairdressing HeroesGirls who grew up with regular Saturday morning sessions under the dryer listening to their mother’s gossip know that just about any hair stylist won’t do!

If you want to be the one hairstylist everyone turns to in their time of need, it is important to have strict discipline and complete command over the services you offer.

Be the ‘Hair Whisperer’ who is just as important for their clients as their doctor or dentist is! Be more. Be the therapist and image maker; be the consultant and stylist they need. Manage the egos but never let your own come into play. Evolve with every step you take and make sure that your oldest clients are also coming along for the ride!

Here are some of our favorite hair stylists. Take your pick and get inspired!

Ted Gibson, Celebrity Hairstylist

You know his work from TLC’s “What Not to Wear”. Ted Gibson is the guy styling the hair for everyone on that show, even doing the makeovers.

He is a late bloomer. Ted Gibson found his calling in the fashion business at the age of 33; that’s when most of us have already started considering giving up. Not him though! He found a job working with Aveda and the rest, as they say, is history.

Bow at 46 years, Ted Gibson has styled their tresses for Hollywood’s elite such as Ashley Greene, Mila Kunis and Jessica Chastain to name a few.

Monique Boea of Kinky Peaches, Atlanta’s Own

Monique started her personal journey to going natural and found success. She was then inundated with questions from other women with kinky, curly natural, beautiful hair. This gave rise to Kinky Peaches, her salon. This is where she offers amazing hydration treatments and doesn’t use any chemicals, while also somehow miraculously transforming the driest hair into soft and silky tresses. You will not see any curling wands, hot combs or flat irons at Kinky Peaches. And isn’t that awesome?

Kimberly Kimble of Kimble Beauty

Hair styling is in her blood. Kim Kimble started off as the shampoo girl at her LA based family salon. But she took that family business to the next level after training and educating to become the absolute best at what she does.

Kimberly broke into the scene when she became the primary stylist for all of Beyoncé’s movie, TV and music projects. A job she holds to this day. She has also worked with Shakira, Zendaya and Iggy Azalea. Her pioneering hair-styling techniques have been featured in Vanity Fair, Allure and Vogue.

Now are you excited about pursuing your destiny as a hair stylist? Start your hair salon in Atlanta with us at Beya Salon Studios. Start now!

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