5 Mistakes to Avoid When Running Your Own Salon Business

Posted on by Wisdom Harris

Own Salon Business

As one of the most dynamic and rapidly-evolving industries out there, the beauty industry has a lot to offer for entrepreneurs. However despite the fact that there are plenty of hair and beauty salons out there, it is very difficult for most of us to come across a quality hairstylist. And this goes on the double for nail technicians!

If you are a passionate beauty professional with experience, expertise and entrepreneurial desire to propel you, it’s time to set up your own salon business.

If fear of failure is keeping you from opening your own salon, rejoice in the fact that all successful entrepreneurs have had their fair share of struggles. They have all made mistakes, and those who’ve managed to learn from their troubles are still here, running successful salons.

We talked to some of them, and compiled this list of common mistakes all beauty-preneurs should avoid.

1. Not Working on Developing Business Skills

Once you become a business owner, your responsibilities will increase manifold. In addition to providing the regular salon services, you will be managing a team of technicians and helpers, promoting your services, dealing with suppliers. It is a good idea to invest in some business and finance courses, and learn how to run the business aspect of things as well.

2. Hiring and Paying Technicians The Wrong Way

Hiring wrong people can drive a salon to losses, fast. Remember, all you need is one bad employee. The proverbial ‘bad apple’ might misbehave with clients, discourage other employees and even steal customers for their own gain.  Keep your standards high when hiring new staff, and of course be willing to pay the price necessary to retain their services.

3. Not Valuing Your Customers Enough

They are the lifeline of a successful salon business. However, studies indicate that more than half of local salons don’t make their clients feel welcomed. And that often results in customers finding other salon businesses. A warm smile can go a long way. Let them feel like they are being served well and that they are well taken care off when they arrive at your salon.

Own Salon Business4. Not Promoting the Services Enough

Unfortunately, it is a prevalent trend for most salon and spa owners to think that their services speak for themselves, and that money spent on marketing is money lost. The truth is that your satisfied clients will never talk about your services if they are satisfied, after all who doesn’t want to keep a good thing to themselves.  However, one bad move on your part, and they’ll be more than happy to write bad reviews and leave them online across various platforms. So know that you have to invest in your social media presence, outdoor advertising, special discounts and packages etc.

5. Getting the Location Wrong

Salons do better and earn more whenlocated in an easily accessible area, preferably with lots of parking available nearby. If you have to pay a higher rent for a great location, it’s alright. Know that a great location will practically pay for itself as it brings you a steady flow of clients.

Incidentally if you are looking for an amazing salon location in Atlanta, GA. we can help! 

Here at Beya Salon Studios, we offer you two prime locations where you can rent a salon suite and get your salon business up and running today! Call us at (404) 734-2213 to learn more about how you can lease a salon suite at our Atlanta locations.

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